Market Research & Intelligence

Market Research & Intelligence

Understand Your Customers. Realizing Great Results.

To compete successfully in today's market, businesses should regularly review their clients’ needs. Never underestimate the power of listening. Through our proprietary marketing research and intelligence, we listen to the market, your customers, and your competition to develop messaging that will resonate best with your audience. Our Market Research & Intelligence covers aspects like markets, competition, product information as well as customer trends. Understanding of market, competitor intelligence, product intelligence and customer insight are woven together to create the desired market intelligence for your campaigns.

Our efficient processes and best practices help our clients to:

~ Gain insights into the market environment
~ Ensure effective decision making based on hard data
~ Stay ahead of the competition

Our market experts encompass the wholesome view of the market and integrate with our clients forecasting process, product development process and other business systems. We offer our Market Intelligence & Research to our clients for an ongoing and comprehensive understanding of the market to help them predict the quantity of business leads they can expect from various campaigns i.e. email campaigns, tele-marketing, direct mails, online marketing or so on.

Targe8's market research & business intelligence services help our customers identify the right contacts at the right accounts. We focus on helping you get the information you need to determine which accounts represent your best opportunities. And then we extend the value by identifying the right contacts at these accounts.

Our unique survey methods incorporate both online and phone research to get your valuable field sales team the information they need to be successful. Targe8 can provide information about your target accounts that simply cannot be found anywhere else. And we back up our research with a pay for performance pricing model, and Targe8's 100% contact accuracy guarantee.


We trust you will find what you are looking for but please do give us a call to discuss your requirements - we would be delighted to hear from you...


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